The health industry is constantly changing, growing and presents an exciting field for new ideas and solutions. So in September, five startups won the chance to present their business concepts in front of 50 business angels.


The bigger the employee base the more complicated internal processes become. Kokoro focuses on the human side of that equation by aiming to improve the quality of life of employees and reduce staff fluctuation. The app collects and measures emotional data and turns it into Key Emotional Indicators to support and improve internal decision making within companies.


If you’re a doctor or at least know a doctor, chances are you’ve heard an excessive amount of complaints about paperwork and the slow speed of bureaucratic processes accompanying said paperwork. Gathering, exchanging and organizing data can be hard when stacks of paper start piling up, so Medworker developed an app to connect multiple medical teams and retailers of medical equipment and make tedious paper communication a thing of the past.

Image Biopsy Lab

Although most medical staff considers diagnosing radiographs to be a simple standard procedure, the possibility of human error will always remain. Image Biopsy Lab created an A.I to automated this process and reduce the chance of false diagnoses. Just plug in your laptop, upload your radiographic images, let the robot do the rest and save some time while you’re doing it. No physicians needed.


Ever experienced back pain during work? SpinaCare wants to change that by introducing a massage board designed for the workplace to reduce potential back problems. Just lean into it during one of your breaks, relax a little and do something good for your back – which is probably not in the best shape anyway.


Abios is an algorithmic biodata system that aims to improve psycho-psychic diagnostics. In layman’s terms: Abios can track your physical activity and personal sleep behavior which makes it useful in all kinds of different areas. Be it diagnostics, professional sports or just getting healthy and in shape. So no matter if you’re a professional athlete, sports enthusiast, a coach or a personal trainer, you should check Abios out.

So these are the five startups that got a chance to pitch their concepts to over 50 business angels. Our next topic will be “Fintech Uncovered”. If your startup fits the bill and you’re looking for an opportunity to pitch your very own idea to a room full of people, who could take your startup to the next level, you should not miss out on this one!


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