The “tyranny of software”

  • Needless to say, “software controls us”
    • One must give to a machine enough information, in a machine-language
      •  This is what makes developers so important

How urgent is the need for a developer?

  • Start small, then build your team
    • Build a prototype to show investors
    • You can start with a no-code approach –> you have to learn the basics
    •  You can use basic, simple tools which are accessible online
      • There are visual programming languages, so simple that even children can work with them

Outsourcing or internal resources?

  • Depends on the technology and on the company’s goals
    • If you want to keep your business logic within your company –> keep front-end development internally
      • Outsourcing option mainly for back-end development
  • Outsourcing can be a solution if:
    • You know about the team of the company that provides the service
    • You know what kind of developer you are looking for
  • Outsourcing can be challenging:
    • Language
    • Culture
    • Communication
    • Quality
      • You have to build knowledge before outsourcing!
      • Such challenges also bring forth the necessity to change the policy of the Red-White-Red card in order to ease the inflow of talent to Austria (see the Austrian Startup Agenda)

Where/how to look for developers/tech-founders

  • Plethora of ways
    • Platforms/websites like:
      • Brutkasten
      • Startus
  • Networking events like:
    • Stammtisch
    • Brutkasten find your Cofounder
    • Developer Meet-ups
    • I2C
  • Look for someone who is well informed
    • Knows IT news, challenges and trends
    • Should be able to explain complex problems in simple terms
    • Can develop into a CTO
  • Provide motivation
    • Show your unique company value
      • Explain them your product and how this is different from other ones
    • Money is not everything
      • Communicate them your vision and show passion

How to keep talent

  • Provide a dynamic and growing environment
    • Develop career paths
      • Opportunities for greater responsibilities
    • Money also plays a role but equally important is a comfortable and beneficial environment
      • Keep the passion alive
      • Provide motivation constantly
    • Keeping talent in a non-growing company is difficult
  • Here comes also the relevance of stock options as an incentive
    •  Currently from a legal perspective this is not an attractive option in Austria

How to manage a team

  • The main challenge is managing rather than coding
    • Find a CTO
      • Hire a co-founder who will develop into this position
      • The priority of the CTO should be team-management, not coding
  • Build up a team
    • To grow you must have good developer skills –> need to have experienced seniors onboard
    • However, hiring people who are recent graduates is a good thing at later stages
      • Hiring juniors makes seniors happy since it makes them mentors
      • Though, do not hire juniors without seniors on board!

As always: never forget that the only thing that can stop you is your own self!


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