Every Thursday our hosts Daniel Cronin & Markus Raunig take a look at the latest developments in tech, politics & society and talk about implications for the future.

  • The show usually starts with the News of the Week – a discussion about the most interesting happenings of the past 7 days with Daniel & Markus sharing their personal perspectives and observations.
  • Afterwards, they take a Deep Dive into one of the most intriguing current developments and look beyond the surface of what’s usually out there. From technological sovereignty to antifragility to the next dominant user interface – this is where the magic happens.
  • During Letters from You Daniel & Markus read out and discuss listeners’ opinions and insights. Join the discussion by sending a short text or soundbite to podcast@austrianstartups.com.
  • With the Rockstar of the Week Markus & Daniel then highlight entrepreneurs and changemakers who have recently shown exceptional leadership in fostering positive change.
  • The show usually ends with Moonshots & Predictions which gives room to bold visions for the future and beliefs what might happen next.

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