What is the Hackathon about?

AustrianStartups is proud to present our in-house hackathon! A hackathon is an event where, over a short but intense period of time, people come together to work on projects that address set challenges – or simply to build something cool. There are no rules as such on what makes a successful hackathon project; you are welcome to use the time and the opportunity to collaborate however you want. We just love to see what you will do with it!

Who am I working with? And on which project?

You can enter alongside people you already plan to work with, or as an in individual who wants to join in on a given challenge. We already have some great project suggestions on offer so far. The following projects have been suggested by the people below, and they will be acting as coordinators for the teams that will work on them. Click on the project titles to display more infos!



Welcome to Zoku Vienna!

Zoku Vienna provides a home base for holiday and business travelers who want to live and work in the city anywhere from a few days to a few months. You could call Zoku a re-invented apartment hotel – in fact – Zoku creates a new category in the hotel industry: a home-office hybrid, which is a relaxed place to live, work and socialize with like-minded people while getting wired into the city.



Hi! πŸ‘‹

We are HeroBox, a young startup from Vienna and we revolutionize take-away to make it more environmentally friendly.

We have developed an app-based system that allows you, as a take-away lover, to easily get your to-go order in a HeroBox (high-quality reusable packaging), which you can then return to any participating restaurant. There it will be washed and is ready for the next order.

The solution to an urgent problem πŸ’‘

Did you know that every year in Vienna alone about 100 million disposable food packaging are used and thrown away? This not only has ecological consequences, it is also a huge economic problem, as restaurateurs pay up to EUR 0.80 per package!

The Challenge πŸŽ†

  1. We are starting a movement! The movement to make reusable packaging part of everyday life. And we are building the community for that right now. What is your most creative suggestion for community growth?
  2. Grow, Grow, GROW! HeroBox is a land grab game because the bigger the network, the bigger the benefit for everyone! How do we get more restaurants on the team?
  3. Tech sells. We are constantly improving our app. What are you still missing in the app? Integration of Mjam? more filter options?

We want to work with you 🀝

Are you passionate about climate solutions and the innovative circular economy? You always wanted to find out more about a reusable concept? You are creative and know how to market such a concept? Then HeroBox is the right thing for you!

Have fun at the Hackathon!



From 2025 onwards, every white-collar worker in Europe will only need 15 minutes from her/his home to her/his workplace by bike. conow is reducing CO2 emissions resulting from individual passenger traffic between suburb and urban areas due to the centralization of work in the cities. We identify and map the places, where Coworking Spaces have the greatest environmental, social, and economic added value and enable the realization of these Spaces with suitable realization partners.
Around 25 percent of the CO2 emitted worldwide results from the transport sector. This corresponds to around 8.26 billion metric tons of CO2. A major contributor to these emissions is the commuting between peripheral and urban regions due to the centralization of work in cities, an outdated work culture and the lack of digital infrastructure outside and around cities. (About 270,000 people commute to Vienna alone every day). CO2 emissions are not saved efficiently enough by more sustainable mobility solutions alone. Work must be decentralized and routes to work vehemently shortened.
We strengthen rural areas and help communities to become more attractive, to revitalize themselves and to increase primary residences in their region -> B2G We help companies to become more attractive employers, to save CO2 taxes, to comply with CO2 laws and to save marketing costs-> B2B We give people more time that they previously wasted commuting and therefore a better work-life balance-> B2C tasks & skills:

βž” IT solution/ software development
βž” product management
βž” Marketing
βž” Funding Experience
βž” Governmental and int. Organizations Background
βž” Deeper exploration of our customer segments B2B, B2C, B2G

…We are looking for a technical Co-Founder


Metabolize me

What is going on inside of us? Research actually knows a lot of things already but it is too individual to be covered in the classic sick&healthy separation.
Therefore, I would like to close the gap and offer a health-fingerprint analysis directly to costumers with at-home sampling and understandable data presentation. The longer the costumers tracks themselves, the more information can be given including fitness, nutrition and health-related information.
The problem I would like to tackle at the hackathon is the balance between what is interesting for the costumer and what are we allowed to tell without the supervision of a medical doctor.
Of course a life science background is helpful but as it is more about costumer interests everybody interested in that topic is welcome!

The Negotiation Connection

What is your project about?

Our project ‘The Negotiation Connection’ is about re-imagining communication and empowering our younger generation to be audacious in solving our societal problems by facilitating a platform that brings together NGOs, businesses and the young people who would love to have a fun engaging experience learning about communication.
What problem are you solving?
We find that a lot of change makers passionate about doing things in the society find it incredibly hard to contribute and NGOs really are missing resources and databases to use in solving big challenges. There is an overarching disconnect between businesses and the people in progress. Secondly Negotiation is vague concept and
How about making learning fun by connecting real world case studies to people enthusiastic about learning and developing their negotiation skills whilst solving cases.

What benefit do you give to customers?

We want to bring a one place branding with credibility where users can come join a community and get involved in social issues. We want to develop a database of stories which can be easily navigated for similar lessons from other experiences.

Do you already have ‘read-to-go’ tasks that joining team members could tackle right away?

1. Customer Validation:
a. Understand what challenges the NGOs are facing and what part of it can be addressed using Negotiation skills
b. Create what exactly could be appealing to young future communities to learn about communication and add value to their problems
2. Feature Selection
a. Identify the 20% of features that bring 80% of the value to the users and be clear on what that value is.


What problem do you want to solve for the Hackathon weekend?

We want to get precise with our problem and focus on the specific features that could add value to our users. We want to do this through extensive customer research and validate our idea.

Are you concerned about our future society at large and feel you would want to get involved. Through ‘The Negotiation Connection’, we want to empower our future generation to make problem solving in society fun and engaging by bringing together collaboration partners and the technology to support effective learning.

What kind of people/ skills are you looking for that you could progress best over that weekend (and even maybe beyond)?
1. People with a passion to communicate and solve problems in society and enthusiasm to make it fun to build community
Generally people with the following skill set would also add a lot of value to our team
1. Video production/ marketing and branding
2. Experience with data science, blockchain
What is your project about? What problem are you solving?

Agriculture and the way humans produce crop hasn’t changed for over 10.000 years and is based on the assumption resources like fertile soil, water, pollinators,… are infinite. Our global food production faces multiple problems, which cause a serious threat to the millions of people’s access to food. We have to act now to change this path before it’s too late. What benefit do you give to customers?
We provide a device which automatically takes care of all different kinds of crops, from tomato till corn, from salad till strawberry. It reduces the needed resources up to 90% compared to regular agriculture methods and saves costs at the same time. This allows access to organic grown fruits and vegetables with a much smaller impact to the environment for a much cheaper price than ever before. As the solution is easily scalable it can also be used in private homes to support the increasing amount of people who want to home-grow their food.

Do you already have ‘read-to-go’-tasks that joining teammembers could tackle right away?

Yes, we have a few topics to work on regarding the improvement of our already existing prototype. What problem do you want to solve for the hackathon weekend?
We want to use the weekend to create the machine learning based flower recognition. The plants get observed by cameras, connected to a Raspberry Pi. It is necessary to recognize flowers inside our device and, based on the camera feeds, calculate their exact position inside the device to allow a robotic arm to reach them for pollination.

During the Hackathon

We offer you the opportunity to build something truly meaningful. Something that will change the fate of billions of people and for the whole planet. We offer a solution that not just reduces the world’s CO2 emission and stabilizes whole regions by providing a reliable food source, it actively can help to decrease the CO2 emissions which are already in our atmosphere today. It can help to, for the first time in decades, increase habitats for wildlife and support the protection of the last remaining biodiversity. We’ve already experienced the satisfying feeling of working on a project with actual substance and you can too! Something you can see and touch and work not just with your mind, but also with your hands on. Take your chance to join our fulfilling work! What kind of people/ skills are you looking for that you could progress best over that weekend (and even maybe beyond)?

Looking for

We are looking for Python developers, interested in and/or already experienced with machine learning algorithms based on tensor flow (if you know of something better fitting for our purpose than tensor flow we of course would be open for your input). Experience in working with a Raspberry Pi and it’s limited resources would be awesome, but is not necessary.


CarPanion enables a seamless service experience for your favorite gadget, your car. Also sick on keeping track of the service needs from your car? Remember it every time so that your warranty does not run out? Or looking for an appointment and can’t find one close by? CarPanion is here to help!

What problem are you solving?

Service for cars can be painful, time consuming and annoying. We solve these issues by providing a platform for workshops and end-customers to match them accordingly. We take out the time component as well by offering small repairs on-site as well as a jockey service for workshops, so they can service cars without the need to bring them there by the end-customer

What benefit do you give to customers?

Users have transparent pricing and a great selection of partner workshops, offering short term repair times. All of this can be used without the time-consuming process of bringing your car, we take care of that. As our main customer. we provide workshops the opportunity by extending their reach of business through our jockeys to gain more repairs and increase their utilization.

What problem do you want to solve for the hackathon weekend?

Reflect on the idea and develop a solid business case & model as well as a plan for operational & technical excellence

Join the team to develop the future of car service. We want to make owning a car fun again by cutting out the bullshit of maintenance

What kind of people/ skills are you looking for that you could progress best over that weekend (and even maybe beyond)?

  1. Creative people that love to think about how a business can gain traction by developing a business model. Consulting skills or experience with business cases could be a plus here

  2. People that know operational and/or technical excellence for realizing the platform itself

  3. People that are simply annoyed about maintaining their car and want to change something about it


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