What is the Hackathon about?

AustrianStartups is proud to present our first-ever in-house Hackathon! A hackathon is an event where, over a short but intense period of time, people come together to work on projects that address set challenges – or simply to build something cool. There are no rules as such on what makes a successful hackathon project; you are welcome to use the time and the opportunity to collaborate however you want. We just love to see what you will do with it!


Which projects can I work on?

You can enter alongside people you already plan to work with, or as an in individual who wants to join in on a given challenge. We already have some great project suggestions on offer so far. The following projects have been suggested by the people below, and they will be acting as coordinators for the teams that will work on them:


Keywords: Social, Tech

How might I enable employees to be happier, more productive and more passionate about their jobs with analytics technology? (Sebastian Bruckner)

The idea is a result of my fields of interest and professional background. That is why, I decided to choose People Analytics for my thesis topic. After months of research and expert interviews with leading companies, I concluded that this trend will be a game changer for companies. However, I am just starting with this idea and therefore further development will be needed. I would like to use the Hackathon to work with smart fellows on either the technology part of the idea or the identification of early adopters.

Keyword: Tech

Let's build a German-Language Textual Machine-Learning Model! (Fabian Dietrich)

We live in crazy times. Creating powerful machine-learning models is totally achievable and affordable due to excellent open-source technology and free cloud infrastructure. We will build upon a pre-trained version of the famous OpenAI GPT-2 model, which has impressive capabilities in creating original and intriguing text. However, this model was trained on millions of English texts and is not suitable for the generation of other-language text.

That’s where our job begins: in two days of hacking we will retrain this English-language model to generate coherent German sentences. At least, that’s the plan — no idea whether that will work If you know some Python programming, you will get the most out of this project. However, you will also be able to contribute without any programming experience, for example in gathering and preparing texts to teach DEUTSCH to our ML-model.

My background: I am a hobbyist writer, architect and programmer. I am working full-time on creating a website which allows writers to use Machine-Learning models to overcome writer’s block and quickly come up with novel text ideas.

Keyword: Sustainability

How might we provide our customers with portioned food for several meals? (Felix Günther)

We aim to deliver our challenge participants with as much as possible regional, seasonal and organic ingredients to introduce a sustainable diet. Where is the issue? On one side you need a bunch of local providers (farmers and markets) as well as retail stores (e.g. Denn’s) to offer diverse and attractive meals. On the other side, every additional supplier increases the costs of logistic (time & money) and makes it more complex (error-prone).

Buying everything separately, weighing and packaging all ingredients manually as well as transporting them to the customer yourself is not only complicated, but also very labor intense as we figured out during our first trial in December – there must be a better way!

To develop one, we are looking forward to your ideas and engagement to create a (sustainable) food supply chain which serves our vision: lower the CO₂ produced in Vienna’s kitchens! In case you would like to put the idea into practice after the Hackaton or work with us in general, we will welcome you warmly and find you a place which suits your time as well as field of interest!

Most people nowadays are aware that climate change requires action – we want to empower them doing so. More precisely, we are focusing on the potential for CO2 reduction in the area of diet. Through a three-week challenge, we aim to help Viennese who would like to eat more sustainable, but currently fail due to time or overload.

Accomplish should this through guidance on two dimensions:

1. Through attractively edited information we want to create awareness. Thereby, some of our principles are reduction over prohibitions and praise progress: everyone sets their own goals and you challenge yourself (You vs. You last month is for example one of the gamification techniques we use to keep people engaged and visualising the progress).

2. We remove barriers by delivering portioned groceries and easy to follow recipes for great meals. All what the participants need to apply their knowledge and successfully proof themselves how easy and delicious a sustainable diet can be, will already be in their kitchens.

Keyword: Social

How might I establish a co-working community of self-employed people and small enterprises in a mainly rural area which supports all members substantially in their personal and economic development? (Georg Brandenburg)

Carinthia has plenty to offer yet lacks dynamic in economic and social development. Starting from my co-working space in Klagenfurt I aim at growing a network of spaces in rural areas. I want to inspire people to collaborate closer and to support each other to become (more) successful agents in business and society transforming this region. With the support of stakeholders open to innovation this project is meant to create a vivid community by combining all possibilities of digital tools and vacant spaces (stores & offices) in rural centers.

Keyword: Commerce

How might we develop an autonomous 24/7 store concept that can be flexible and adopted to urban as well as rural places? (Philip Arnhof)

One evening we walked through the city and complained about the lack of products on offer after 8 pm. We didn’t want to go to expensive gas stations, but we had no other choice. On the way there, the great idea came to us. What if there were autonomous and flexible stores that allowed access to quality products around the clock? Have you ever wanted to buy your favorite lolly after closing time? Then become part of our project!



24 hours of hacking from Saturday January 9th to Sunday January 10th 2021

Hackathon Schedule: TBD
Sat 16:00h Start
Sat 20:00h Event 1
Sat 22:00h Event 2
Sun 02:30h Event 3
Sun 16:00h End



Based on the current coronavirus restrictions, we plan to operate this hackathon in a hybrid format: once the teams have been finalised, we suggest that – where possible – you organise amongst yourselves to work together in person as a small group, with one team member hosting the rest for the weekend, and join us and all the other participants for the opening and closing ceremonies via online video links and other collaborative tools. If that doesn’t work out for you, you are of course welcome to work together online and we will support you however we can.


I have more questions!

Email ipek.hizar@austrianstartups.com for more info


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