AustrianStartups Stammtisch has come a long way since its first edition. This month’s Stammtisch was all about celebrating the past and thinking of the future.

written by Nicolas Kristen

First of all, if you couldn’t make it to this month’s Stammtisch but want to re-watch the whole thing click here – we had a livestream! Now, let’s get to recapping. AustrianStartups held its 50th Stammtisch and as some of you may remember, things have changed a lot since the first Stammtisch where people were still sitting around an actual table. This would not have been possible without our supporters. So thank you all!

How to build the Future: The Austrian Startup Agenda

So how’s the future of the Austrian Startup ecosystem going to look? Well nobody can see into the future but one can definitely try to change it. So after three months in development, working with 50 experts, we’re ready to announce the Austrian Startup Agenda. Why you ask? If you’ve ever founded your own startup, you will probably agree that it can be quite challenging at times.

And while we believe that overcoming these challenges is vital for developing as an entrepreneur, we also believe that there’s a lot of room for improvement when it comes to regulations, research, funding and education. And improving these areas will be vital if the Austrian Startup community wants to compete on a global market in the future.

Over the course of these three months we settled on 36 recommendations divided into six areas we believe need change to ensure a competitive Austrian Startup ecosystem: Education and research, legal conditions for entrepreneurship in Austria, private risk capital, public funding, Austria’s international positioning and the relationship between political institutions and entrepreneurs in Austria.

So that’s where you, yes YOU, come into play. Because we need your feedback to further prioritize what’s important for Austrian entrepreneurs. And that’s what Stammtisch #50 was all about: Getting your feedback and exchanging ideas. If you didn’t attend the Stammtisch we highly recommend you read up on our Agenda here and vote on the five demands you think are the most important for the future of startups in Austria. So do the right thing and help us improve Austria for future entrepreneurs and maybe even change the world a little bit.

Like our CEO Markus said: “Every one of you here can change the world within the next few months”.

So get to it and see you at the next Stammtisch!


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