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Jun 08

WeDo5 Presents a Mini-Series Masterclass – 5 ways to develop a successful Startup Culture

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WeDo5 Presents a Mini-Series Masterclass – 5 ways to develop a successful Startup Culture


In this masterclass you will learn how to develop a successful Startup Culture:

5 things you need to consider:

How to communicate with your co-founder and team
How to identify common values
How to align your team with the vision and mission of your Startup
How to efficiently solve a conflict
How to increase team engagement


When starting a business, a fundamental criterion of success is forgotten: how am I as a startup founder mentally prepared for the challenges I need to confront? Do I understand people in my team? What kind of relationship should I have with others around me, and the world in which I work?

Success depends on the relationships between people in the organization. Larger corporations that have been in the market for decades face tremendous challenges when they want to change organizational dynamics and culture. It is much easier to develop values, relationships, and dynamics from the beginning, rather than change deep-seated, established habits of behavior and thinking later on.

With clear communication, trustworthy relationships, and engaged team members, your startup will have a better chance to succeed in the long run! Join us to learn how to be the best founder around!

ABOUT WeDO5 Masterclasses

WeDo5 has created a series of engaging learning sessions focused on key business and marketing skills every entrepreneur should have! Each 2-hour course will include a presentation with key information on the topic, as well as interactive breakout sessions!

Who should join: Anyone interested in entrepreneurship, or anyone with an idea or early-stage startup looking to gain valuable business and marketing skills!

WeDo5 is hosting these events for free. If you are able, we kindly ask for a €10 donation which will go towards future WeDo5 events and programs.

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June 8, 2020
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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