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Jul 02

ViennaPHP July Gathering

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Let’s talk databases. They are the foundation of many websites and apps and store the precious data we need to make our service valuable. Without data, your app is only a frame without a picture. This meetup is focused on databases and the data ecosystem. We have great talks on this topics, all in relation to PHP development and the PHP ecosystem.

The meetup will take place on Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014. The location is our beloved Stockwerk Co-Working. We’ll start at 18:30.


“Welcome” by Sebastian Göttschkes

“MongoDB with PHP” by Daniel Laxar

“Indexes: The neglected database performance all-rounder” by Markus Winand

• Mini-Talk: “Developing Database Driven Webapplications with phpYouDo” by Manuel Hiptmair

“After-Gathering-Party” featured by StockWerk


“MongoDB with PHP” by Daniel Laxar

While NoSQL has become very popular in other programming languages (like node.js or ruby), many PHP programmers still prefer RDBM systems. We’ll have a look into NoSQL and how it is different to RDBMS. We’ll compare MongoDB to MySQL or postgres and examine when to use the one or the other. Finally I’m giving an in-depth introduction into how to get started with MongoDB together with PHP using plain queries or a high-level ODM like Doctrine.

“Indexes: The neglected database performance all-rounder” by Markus Winand

Proper indexing is a very time and cost-effective way to improve performance. Yet it is often done in a very sloppy way. This talk explains the organizational misconceptions that lead to sloppy indexing and gives advice how to change it. Finally we will show the results of a short online quiz that reveals the state of indexing know-how in the field.

“Developing Database Driven Webapplications with phpYouDo” by Manuel Hiptmair

Database Driven Webapplications in general consist of these parts: HTML-Templates, PHP-Scripts and JavaScripts. Most often, these parts are tightly woven into each other, which makes it tricky for the designer to edit the HTML. Additionally, the PHP-Programmer has a hard time extracting SQL-queries for specific inspections.

phpYouDo tries to solve these problems by separating the PHP-Scripts from the SQL-Queries and the HTML-Templates. SQL-Queries are outsourced to configuration files and HTML-Templates are combined with JavaScript to display the selected records.

The When

July 2, 2014
5:30 pm - 10:00 pm

The Where

StockWerk Coworking Space
Pater-Schwartz-Gasse 11A
Vienna, 1150 Austria

The Who

Hosted by ViennaPHP

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