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Jul 12

Vienna Business PowerUP

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Are you ready to join the most switched-on entrepreneurs and small business owners in Vienna?

Come to our Business PowerUP meeting to share success stories, learn the latest strategies, conquer one cool tactic each meeting, hear exclusive content sessions focused on different aspects of business growth, make a commitment to ensure results in your business, network with members and build relationships – all in 90 minutes! It’s time to power up your small business. Join us now!

The plan is to make this so much more than just ‘networking’

Who’s Who in 23!’

No endless introductions here… everyone will have 23 seconds to tell who they are and what you do! So short and snappy!

Your Successes

It’s your time to shine!

Tell us what’s working right now in your business and share your success stories so others can learn from what you’ve done.

The Shiny New Thing

At every meeting, we can share one super cool tactic, tool or strategy that you can take away and use in your business to get more customers.

Content Session

Each meeting has a content session focused on a specific aspect of business growth. You’ll go away with new ideas and ways you can grow your businesses.

Your One Commitment

To make sure you see results in your business, at each meeting you can make a commitment to the group of one thing that you’re going to go away and implement. It’s that accountability that makes sure things get done and you see results!

Network and Build Relationships

Take this opportunity to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs, build relationships and find collaborators

The PowerUP Small Business meetings are the perfect place for all types of businesses, from one-person startups to established companies. So don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity and join us now!

Let’s PowerUP your small business together! 🚀

– Please note that by joining this event you consent to having pictures of you taken on site. Should this be an issue for you, then kindly inform a member of staff.

The When

July 12, 2023
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The Where

The Social Hub
Nordbahnstraße 47
Vienna, 1020

The Who

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