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May 19

TUW i²c F&I Talk # 67: Stefan Nagel (Partner at Round2 Capital Partners)

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Topic: Sustainable Business Building

The Founder & Investor Talks organized by the Innovation Incubation Center (i²c) at TU Wien enable the audience to learn first-hand from experienced founders, investors, and innovators. They share their international experiences, dos and don’ts and lessons learned during inspiring talks and answer questions in interactive Q&A sessions.


More about Stefan Nagel

Stefan is a Partner at Round2. He Joined Jan, Christian, and Isabella at Round2 after spending more than ten years at McKinsey & Company advising clients in the telecommunications and high-tech sectors on strategy and corporate finance topics including large transactions and transformations, and also in particular how fact-based steering and financial planning drives key decisions and ongoing operational management. During this time, Stefan developed a passion for technology-driven products and their value generation impact on the economy overall and in the shaping of “how life works” in societies across the world. Working with large corporates, he built a perspective on how large cooperations work, how smaller and younger companies can work with these organizations, and what structures and processes need to be build when scaling businesses. He brings this experience to bear in the identification and evaluation of potential candidates for Round2 financing and in working with our portfolio companies as they continue on their growth path. Besides Round2, Stefan is engaged as a business angel, helping early-stage companies to build their pre-dominantly B2B software businesses. Born in Germany, Stefan lives with his wife and two sons in Vienna. He has a degree in business from WHU – Otto-Beisheim Graduate School, Vallendar, and spent parts of his studies in the US and in Russia.


More about Round2 Capital Partners

Round2 is a financing partner for European scale-ups with digital and sustainable business models. In the scale-up phase, outstanding entrepreneurs manage to transform their business from a successful venture into a real company. Round2 offers the innovative funding instruments and insights needed to master this transformation process. Founded in 2017, Round2 has pioneered revenue-based finance in Europe: a flexible, non-dilutive funding instrument.


The Talk will focus on Sustainable Business Building

A study evaluating 3,200 high growth internet startups showed that 74% of ventures, which failed, did this due to premature scaling. Therefore, we asked ourselves how can startups create actual value and, consequently, build sustainable business models to avoid this trap?

Heads up – there are no such things as checklists which will guarantee the success of a venture! However, working with over 20 European tech scale-ups provided us with valuable insights on what it means to build businesses sustainably. During this session, we will introduce you to our learnings and findings on how to think about value creation and how this translates into a venture’s sustainable growth. Moreover, we will show you why the different approaches of value creation ask for different financing solutions. Last but not least, we will share with you why we, Round2 Capital, pioneered revenue-based finance in the European funding ecosystem since 2017, and how it fits into the big picture of sustainable business building.

The When

May 19, 2021
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

The Where


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