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Jun 22

The Brainstorms Festival – Human Future Tech

€42 – €159.29

Event Details

What will the human of the future will look like? How can meditation impact our brain structure? What kind of neuroscience experiments are conducted at the International Space Station? Why is the brain sometimes taking racist and sexist shortcuts? How can AI and social media can be used to detect your mental health issues? How can you use your brain waves to control objects -> ( brain-computer interface workshop with BR41N.IO). How does neuroscience-inspired AI work?

Learn about that and way more at our event, the Brainstorms Festival.brainstormsfestival.com

Tickets give access to 2 days of conferences, workshops and hackathons (incl. soft drinks, coffee, sweet and salty snacks) as well as the party on Saturday night.

• Lushi Chen – Using AI to detect mental health issues among social media users
• Clement Gilles – NASA, experiments made in the international space station
• Johannes Passecker – decision making under risk, lessons for business
• Sofie Valk – anatomical changes in the brain after meditating
• Cosima Prahm – prosthesis, using A.I., VR and video games to control robotic arms
• Elan Tye – 2 bn dollar VC fund specialized in augmenting human performance
• Matt Johnson and Prince Gunham– consumer neuroscience and neuromarketing
• Roisin Owens – organ on a chip, brain-gut axis
• Fabrizio Benedetti – world expert on the placebo effect
• Ramin Hasani – a 4-hour neuroscience inspired AI coding workshop
• Jose Guzman – mini in vitro brains (cerebral organoids)
• G-tec engineering / BR4IN.IO – 2-day brain computer interface hackathon
• Claus Lamm – the biological bases of empathy
• Prateep Beed – Emotions and Decisions
• David Berry – microbiome and the brain
• Lucanus Polagnoli – SpeedInvest (biggest Austrian VC fund)
• Alexis Matthieu – Founder and CEO FeetMe (smart sole)
• Isabella Hillme – Co-Founder of Ghost (haptic glove)

The When

June 22, 2019 | 8:00 am
June 23, 2019 | 5:00 pm

The Where

Colosseum XXI – Colosseum 21 Palladion 21
Andreas Hofer Straße 28
Vienna, Vienna 1210 Austria

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