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Oct 05

Startup Story Night


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Sanja Selak and Philipp Albrecht will join us to share their ups and downs as a Life Science startup.


HappyMed helps patients during medical treatments through audiovisual distraction to be more relaxed and fearless. Patients often feel uncomfortable, afraid and stressed in medical treatments.

With HappyMed, we are developping a product that allows patients to relax before, during, and after treatments, and thus helps them stay anxiety-free. Patients receive virtual-reality video glasses, through which they can watch videos or discover virtual worlds. This helps them relax, get distracted, and perceive the treatment or wake-up time to be much shorter. HappyMed thus is a gentle and non-medicinal distraction helping patients forget about their unpleasant and anxiety-inducing surroundings.

Application: anesthesia, dialysis, dental, orthopedics, oncology, private clinics

Objectives of HappyMed:
1. Distraction and relaxation
2. Increased patient satisfaction and recommendation rate
3. Less need for sleep and sedation

Learn more at happymed.org.

Origimm strives to become a market leader in vaccine discovery, supplying its candidates to industry pipelines. The first product for licencing out is a vaccine antigen against acne vulgaris.
Using its proprietary ProVaDis® technology platform, Origimm strives to bring innovation in the vaccine discovery and establish themselves as a prime research oriented biotech company supplying pipelines of pharmaceutical companies, as well as developing ist own products (the first product is an antigen candidate for a therapeutic vaccine against acne vulgaris).
At Origimm, we strongly believe that best quality, most protective vaccine antigens represent the essence or the ‘origins of immunity’ (hence the name, Origimm). Our mission is dedication and purity in science for saving and improving people’s lives, under the highest ethical standards.
Origimm was founded in 2012 by Dr. Sanja Selak – the former Head of Department of Serology and Immune Assays at Intercell.

Learn more at origimm.com

The When

October 5, 2015
5:00 pm

The Where

INiTS Gründerservice
Maria Jacobi Gasse 1, MQM 3.2, 1. Stock
Wien, 1030 Austria

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