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Jun 13

Skillshare Breakfast: Lessons from ”RADICAL CANDOR”


Event Details

The moment you add at least one person to your startup mix you have to learn how to coexist and collaborate in a productive and healthy way. One of the most commonly voiced challenges new entrepreneurs and managers face in the startup world (and in any work world, really) is how to successfully navigate human relationships in teams and be effective bosses while not losing their humanity. Last year’s bestseller „Radical Candor“ had a huge influence on how these leaders go about managing their teams, and since at Impact Hub Vienna we’re big on exploring the future of work we have been reflecting on and testing some of the principles in our own teams. Based on their experience exploring and trying it out at Impact Hub Vienna, at this month’s SkillShare breakfast Steli and Dushan will summarize and share the key concepts of “Radical Candor” that you can immediately apply to your own teams.

Steliana is Impact Hub Vienna’s Employment & Happiness Officer, which means that team and member satisfaction is her primary goal. She is a Holacracy coach, holds a Masters in Organisational & Social Psychology, and is passionate about all things related to team experience and organisational development. Apart from her work at Impact Hub which she has been doing for 5+ years, she also works at the Austrian mobility start-up Parkbob where she is responsible for HR processes & recruitment.

Dushan currently serves as Community Lead at Impact Hub Vienna, where together with his team he curates the experience and support programs for 600+ entrepreneurs, creatives, and innovators. In his other role, he is an active co-founder and board member at Razlivaliste, an organization focused on incubation and leadership development of young entrepreneurs behind impact-driven startups in Serbia. In his different team leader and manager roles he’s always on the lookout for best-case practices and tools for unleashing the creative and productive potential of teams.

Skillshare is a mini-workshop event hosted by members of Impact Hub Vienna which aims to provide a platform for skill exchange among the community. Breakfast provided!

The When

June 13, 2018
7:30 am - 9:00 am

The Where

Impact Hub Vienna
Lindengasse 56
Vienna, 1070 Austria

The Who

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