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Oct 21

No Bullsh*t Guarantee


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Everybody loves to hate SEO. Whenever a good developer hears about PageRank, Panda, Penguin or stuff like that, their “bullsh*t” detector kicks in big time. And this with very good reason. 80% of SEO is just this, b*llshit. Nonetheless SEO is one of the major business activities of successful internet companies.

Key Topics
* What SEO is
* What SEO isn’t
* Systematic SEO
* SEO Platform
* SEO Processes
* Landing Page Rules
* Landing Page Creation Logic
* URL Rules
* Distribution
* Web Performance
* Mobile SEO
* SEO Controlling
* SEO Tools

Hi, my name is Franz Enzenhofer, known as FranzSEO, SEOFranz (i don’t like these two names…). I’m the masterchief of f19n.com a.k.a. full stack optimization. I’m best known and loved for the work i did with 123people from 2008 to 2010. Besides that i have worked with a lot of startups (some of them now marketleaders eg. karriere.at), pretty much every news conglomerate in austria and pretty much everyone else. In the last week you will have probably visited a website i already optimized. (Looking for jobs, i’m there, looking for news, i’m there, looking for weather, i’m there, looking for sports, i’m there, looking for politics, i’m there, looking for an address, i’m there waiting and measuring …). Besides that i’m also the org of viennajs, but that is just for fun. I have two aweseome kids, I will never marry and I live in the internets. You can read about stuff i said here and there.

The When

October 21, 2014
October 22, 2014

The Who

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