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May 13

Prototyping to reach business success – for Hardware Startups


Event Details

Learn how to develop prototypes for your hardware product and/or get challenged with your current version of your product. Thereby, the focus is on how to make use of prototyping in an early stage to successfully develop a product that fits a problem or need in the market.

You will learn that prototyping is key as it makes ideas tangible. It give us feedback, to allow ideas and concepts to be experienced. Early prototyping helps to frame the problem, understand the context, the users, and quickly experiment targeted solutions.
Furthermore you will learn how to come-up with an early prototype by themselves and understand how to use prototyping to test hypothesis, challenge assumptions and refine ideas. Key message is that prototyping allows us to fail fast, safely (controlled situation) and inexpensively.

Workshop Structure: What is going to happen?
Introduction into the power of prototyping
This part is about giving individuals a general introduction into the topic of prototyping and explain how prototyping can be used to reach problem-solution fit (i.e. coming-up with a product that solves problems or satisfies needs in the market).

Developing prototypes from trash
Participants will learn how to create a quick cardboard prototype to understand how to make a first step in developing their product idea and how to iteratively improve it.
They will also learn how to use the environment: Chairs, tables, etc. Basically anything that helps them to prototype the experience. Remember that products live in our environment, they affect it and can get affected by it.

From prototyping to your final product
What are the remaining steps to get your product into serial production? The participants should get a feeling of the different stages that are typically needed to come to a final product. That could be foam models, engineering prototypes, appearance models, etc.

Meet & Greet
At the end of the workshop we will have an informal get together with hardware startups from the hardware tribe community and further experts in the field (lawyers, industrial designers, established companies).

Workshop Coaches:
The workshop is carried out by Nicolas Gonzalez Garrido, industrial designer and founder of Studio Kanso, with 14 years of experience developing products for clients such as Bose, Kodak, Toshiba, Zeiss and others; and Dr. Stefan Perkmann Berger, Co-founder of WhatAVenture and expert in understanding how to develop the business side of your idea.

Registration: posch@wirtschaftsagentur.at

The When

May 13, 2015
12:30 pm - 5:30 pm

The Where

Österreichische Computer Gesellschaft (OCG)
Wollzeile 1
Wien, Wien 1070 Austria

The Where

Österreichische Computer Gesellschaft (OCG)
Wollzeile 1
Wien, Wien 1070 Austria

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