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Apr 16

online female factor masterclass | learn excel like a pro

Event Details

As we move forward through uncertain times, we applaud your efforts to continue developing, even if it’s from inside your homes. That’s exactly why the upcoming female factor masterclasses will take place online – we invite you to learn, grow & connect with like-minded individuals, no matter where you are. Participants will receive a link to enter the virtual space.

what is this masterclass about?

Chances are, you are surrounded by and dependent on data in your daily work. No matter if you work in Finance, Marketing, Sales, or Admin, this masterclass will give you the skills to deal with that data. After this hands-on session, you will be able to create your own automated reports to save time and always keep an overview of your business.

who will you learn from?

Before founding hiMoment – a journaling app for happiness & personal development, Christoph worked in Finance. It’s here where he learned the basics of how to measure what matters in your organization, how to automate reporting processes in, why budgeting is not about numbers but rather about creating accountability, and how to use common tools in order to become more data-driven in your work.

what you can expect from this masterclass?

You will learn how to extract information using Excel and CSV exports (almost every application offers such exports – from Personal Banking to Social Media management), as well as to transform raw data into meaningful information (using lookups, ifs, ifsums, and pivot tables). What’s more, you will understand how to set up a process to reduce time spent fetching numbers from different sources and how to organize and present information to focus on the core messages.

who is this masterclass for?

This masterclass is for all everyone who works on a computer that frequently deals with numbers, feeds IT systems with information but is frustrated to not get any information back out.

Requirements: bring a laptop with a copy of MS Excel (version 2012 onwards). You should know basic Excel (open and save files; add/substract/divide numbers).


about the female factor.

The female factor empowers driven women to hack their potential through tailor-made experiences and know-how. We believe impactful mentorship, dedicated knowledge and personalized events can change the game. We want every ambitious woman to wake up in the morning knowing that she has what it takes to do whatever the F she wants.

about the inner circle.

The inner circle is the members-only community by the female factor. Members get access to highly curated, impactful workshops, mentoring sessions, and exclusive events. This masterclass is part of the inner circle offer and free for all members. If you’re not a member yet, you can become one here. Members will get their access codes via mail.

The When

April 16, 2020
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

The Where


The Who

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