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Dec 02

Das 3 Mrd. EU-Finanzpaket


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How to Access the €3 Billion EU Grant Fund dedicated for StartUps and SMEs, the so-called “SME Instrument”

The SME-Instrument enables StartUps and SMEs to get EU funding for highly innovative projects. 50.000 Euro in Phase 1 and between 500.000 Euro and 2,5 Mio. Euro in Phase 2. Learn how it works, how to apply and how to write a successful proposal, all in one day.

First time in Vienna!

This is the 3rd series of workshops. 10 workshops have been conducted across Europe so far, training over 400 StartUps and SMEs including London, Paris and Berlin.

Workshops are conducted by EU StartUp Services, the services arm of European Young Innovators Forum (EYIF). EYIF is the leading foundation for youth innovation in Europe reaching in excess 500 000 young innovators and entrepreneurs across Europe. EYIF has helped to design the SME instrument.

The Professor: Kurmadev Chatterjee

Is it for me?

You are an entrepreneur, planning to start your StartUp / SME or have already started and are in the early stages. Your StartUp /SME is an innovative ICT based concept, product or service which has the potential to ultimately disrupt existing markets. You are looking for swift financial support of between €50.000 and €2,5 million in 2014.

Then this workshop is for you.


The European Union has for the first time in its 60 year history, launched programs to directly fund entrepreneurs and StartUps and SMEs. This is the so-called “HORIZON 2020″ which has €80 billion in grant funding available, of which €2.8 billion is purely for Entrepreneurs, Startups and SMEs. Entrepreneurs and Startups can apply for and get grants of between €50.000 and €2,5 million.


The workshop will help you understand what is the dedicated EU funding for Entrepreneurs, StartUps and SMEs i.e the SME Instrument, how it works and which phase (phase 1 or phase 2) could be relevant for your StartUp or SME. It will explain how to assess which phase your StartUp is eligible for and how to apply to that phase – the whole process from proposal to grant, including what types of activities are funded.

Most importantly, the workshop will equip you with all the information, tools and hands-on training to write winning proposals – taking a case study of a typical entrepreneur and their StartUp/SME, a detailed step-by-step live demonstration of how to write a proposal with high chances of succeeding.

Finally the workshop will enable you to rate your idea and proposals and improve them before submitting.

The workshop will be led by Kumardev Chatterjee, Founder and President of the European Young Innovators Forum, who has been involved in the design and setting up of the Horizon 2020 SME instrument over the last three years and who as a European commission appointed independent expert, has evaluated proposals for the European Commission for a €20 Million grant portfolio in 2013. Mr. Chatterjee has extensive competences as an experienced ICT expert, industry professional and innovator and entrepreneur himself. Mr. Chatterjee has a long history of involvement in EU policy, grants, proposals, and projects and as such is seen as leading expert in the field. He will provide first-hand information and tips during the sessions.


(drinks and snacks will be provided during the workshop)


9h30 to 12h30 with a coffee break for networking: How does EU Funding work

Understand what the dedicated EU funding for StartUps and SMEs, the SME Instrument is all about, explained in entrepreneur’s language (are these individual grants between €50.000 to €2,5 million relevant for you and how do you apply?)

    • Overview of EU Funding, explained in StartUp’s language


    • The dedicated SME Instrument – Specific EU funding for entrepreneurs, StartUps and SMEs (individual grants between €50.000 to €2,5 million)


    • SME Instument Phase 1 and Phase 2 – how do they work and which one applies to you and your Startup/SME


    • How to apply to for the SME Instrument – the whole process from proposal to grant



13h30 to 16h30 with a coffee break for networking: Writing a winning proposal (no photography allowed)

Writing a winning proposal for the SME Instrument, explained in entrepreneur’s language (how to win these individual grants between €50.000 to €2,5 million)

    • The FULL SME Instrument Official Templates explained, step-by-step, all sections and points.


    • What does a European commission appointed proposal evaluator typically look for?


    • What you need to remember when filling out the application? DOs and DONTs


    • Writing a winning proposal, live demo, taking a case study of a typical entrepreneur and his startup, a detailed step-by-step demonstration of how to write a proposal with high chances of winning



The European Young Innovators Forum (EYIF eyif.eu) has rapidly become the leading foundation for youth innovation in Europe reaching in excess of 500,000 participants across all EU member states, giving voice to a community of young innovators and experts who believe in taking risks, changing mindsets for innovation and the value of shared ideas and professional mentorship. EU Startup Services is the official Partner of EYIF. It also offers funding consulting and business plan writing.

Find out more about Horizon 2020 and its support for ICT-Startups

The overall aim of EU research and innovation information and communication (ICTs) under Horizon 2020 is to bring the benefits of progress in these technologies to European citizens and businesses. To achieve these goals, the Horizon 2020 project has been bolstered with an €80 billion budget until 2020. It funds high-potential innovation through a dedicated SME instrument, which offers seamless business innovation support under the section Societal Challenges and the specific part Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies (LEITs). Provided with about €3 billion in funding over the period 2014-2020, the SME Instrument helps high-potential SMEs to develop ground-breaking innovative ideas for products, services or processes that are ready to face global market competition. Horizon 2020 for ICTs is a core part of Europe 2020 and the European Union’s response to the economic crisis. It is a vehicle for the European Union to invest in future jobs and growth, addressing peoples’ concerns about their livelihoods, safety and environment and in strengthening the EU’s global position in research, innovation and technology. Entrepreneurs all over Europe have to become aware of these new possibilities to strengthen their own innovative StartUps. Find out more on the Website of the European Commission.

You still have questions regarding the event?

Vist our FAQ on the EYIF-Website and www.eustartupservices.eu

The When

December 2, 2014
8:30 am - 3:30 pm

The Where

Campus WU
Welthandelsplatz 1
Vienna, 1020 Austria

The Who

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