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Mar 06

corporAID Multilogue: African Scale-ups on stage

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How innovation helps African Scale-ups solve real-life problems and contribute to the SDG

Africa is a challenging continent but also provides countless opportunities with its booming startup scene, a growing tech ecosystem and a high potential for innovative business solutions. The world’s fastest-growing young and tech-savvy population turns challenges in various fields into opportunities and aims to close gaps in infrastructure for essential services: mobile apps for banking, telehealth, e-commerce, agri-tech, and digital education. However, starting a business in Africa is complex and external support is often needed. But which tools and instruments are available for African founders to unleash their full potential, make their ideas marketable and ensure long-term success?

One of these instruments is the Kofi Annan Award for Innovation in Africa (KAAIA), which helps African social entrepreneurs with a proven business model to scale up. The KAAIA winners receive EUR 250.000 in funding, participate in a 12-month accelerator program, are given international visibility and are supported by a network of mentors and experts. It was awarded in July 2022 to three African ventures that stood out from the 330 applicants.

The corporAID Multilogue focuses on the three KAAIA winners and finalists who embody the African entrepreneurial mindset with their successful scale-ups. They will provide inside information on the following questions:
· How was the scale-up process designed? What are the next steps in further expanding your business activities (globally)?
· How did the KAAIA support you with scaling up your business? What were the most important benefits (funding/exposure/mentoring/…)? How can the Award be improved?
· In what ways can European companies support the KAAIA finalists and/or winners?

The subsequent panel discussion invites European and African experts in the field of business development and touches upon the following topics:
· What can European companies learn from African entrepreneurs? Which characteristics define the African startup mindset? How can the African mindset be transferred to Europe?
· To what extent are African start-ups / scale-ups good partners for the market entry and expansion of European companies?
· What (regulatory, legal, institutional) circumstances are needed for effective cooperation between European and African companies?

Date & time:
March 6th, 2023, from 4 pm to ~5:30 pm (CET), via Livestorm

4:00 pm Welcome & Opening
4:10 pm Session 1: KAAIA finalists’ presentation
4:30 pm Q&A Session 1
5:00 pm Session 2: Expert Panel Discussion
5:20 pm Q&A Session 2
~5:30 pm Wrap-up & End of Event


Session 1
· Mohamed Alaa, Shezlong (MENA, online therapy session tool)
· Sheila Maina, Flare (Kenya, 24/7 emergency response provider)
· Antonella Mei-Pochtler, Business Consultant & Head of KAAIA
· Emmanuel Owobu, MyPaddi (Nigeria, sexual and reproductive health App)
Session 2:
· Karin Krobath, Co-Founder of NextAfrica
· Emmanuel Owobu, Start-up Mentor
· Barbara Stöttinger, Dean at Vienna University of Economics and Business Executive Academy

The When

March 6, 2023
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

The Where


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