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Jan 31

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: AustrianStartups Awesomeness Award 2020

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The AAA follows one goal only: Award outstanding fellow entrepreneurs that have achieved entrepreneurial genius in this very challenging year of 2020!

Show them gratitude, give them the credit and visibility they deserve, and empower them to continuously challenge the status quo.

For this purpose, AustrianStartups has launched the AustrianStartups Awesomeness Award (AAA) in the year 2020. It is an award for the Austrian startup community with the primary objective to honour pure and authentic contributions from entrepreneurs that have had a positive and lasting impact within the ecosystem. ???? https://bit.ly/nominate-aaa

Leaders and innovators can be nominated for having made an awesome and authentic contribution in the year 2020. Be it accelerating a project or innovation through exceptional leadership capabilities, launching that sustainable innovation, pivoting an (entire) business, or shaping the ecosystem by walking that extra mile – all these factors play a role in nominating a colleague, an inspiring leader, or a respectable partner for any of the 5 categories.

1️⃣ Entrepreneurial Leader of the Year
2️⃣ Innovator of the Year
3️⃣ Pivot of the Year
4️⃣ Ecosystem Shaper of the Year
5️⃣ Corona-fighter of the Year

In order to participate in the AAA, the following requirements must be met: You have to be nominated for the award by anyone. The nominee must be part of the Austrian startup ecosystem. Deadline, January 31st, 11:59 pm 2021.

Hashtag: #awesomenessaward2020 #austrianstartups #austrianstartupsawards

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January 31, 2021

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