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Mar 04

Call: FED4SAE – Federation for Smart Anything Everywhere

By intel

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Interesting Opportunity to leverage EU Funding to develop a SMART Embedded System.

Intel is a partner in a Horizon 2020 European Commission Funded Project aimed at helping European companies build and bring innovative “Smart” C.P.S. and Embedded Solutions to Market. The programme is called the “FEDERATION FOR SMART EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE (FED4SAE)” https://fed4sae.eu/

The program can provide up to €58K Funding + Technical and Business Coaching to Startups or SME’s. Projects can last up to 12 months in duration. We have been able to fund 30% of applicants to date and expect that high success rate to continue.

Companies should choose an “Industrial Platform” such as Intel Neural Compute Stick + ”Advanced Technology or Testbed” from those listed on the website and using the template provided, develop a proposal based on exploiting these enabling technologies. There are a range of 6 Industrial Platforms and ~24 Advanced Technologies/Testbeds from Europe’s Research Organizations and ideally, these can be integrated to enable the creation of innovative solutions which along with the coaching and funding will accelerate product development and time to market.

Intel are providing the Neural Compute Stick enabling the development of Low power AI / ML application at the edge and the tiny Compute Card but there are also other platforms from ST-France (STM-32 boards), ST-Italy (Wesu Wearable), Thales (time sensitive system integration platform) and AVL Austria (Vehicle power train related technologies).

The third call and final call is now open for companies to apply until 05th March. Proposals are independently assessed.

Please do have a look and let me (Finian Rogers ) know if you are interested in applying. If you wish we can assist in reviewing and providing feedback to strengthen your proposal in advance of the submission deadline. you own your background and foreground IP!.

The detail and application template to apply is here

Overview Webinar https://fed4sae.eu/news/webinars/

All question are welcome.

Contact : finian.g.rogers@intel.com Ref : FED4SAE

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March 4, 2019
March 5, 2019

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