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Feb 28

Call: Call for GreenTech startups


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Call for GreenTech startups

Here is something you can do to reduce CO2!

Imagine a situation where money is not an issue and you have an idea which can prolong our existence on Earth. Today is your chance to make this idea a reality. Foundation Login5 established by Samo and Iza Login, also founders of Outfit 7 which is the company behind the mega-successful mobile application “Talking Tom”, invited everyone with an idea how to reduce CO2 emissions to take part in their challenge so their ideas could be implemented.

Naturally, they will not finance every single idea, there will be a selection process and only the most efficient ideas will be financed. It is important to note that: “We are not interested in financing profit, but we do understand that all people need to live. We want to maximize the effect of our funds, and we want everyone to agree that profit is not the end goal of our investment in this case. For example, we are willing to finance a development process which will result in a technological solution that will be offered to everyone free of charge. We can also invest in a company, if this company has already developed a solution, but lacks funds for its implementation, or we can invest into a completely new company. There are numerous options for partnership, the most important thing is to maximize the positive effects of the ideas selected in the challenge.”


The application form hasn’t been strictly defined yet, but let’s assume that it should define the problem, suggest a solution, provide an estimate of positive impact and a comparison with existing solutions.

You can find out more about the challenge on this link: http://www.login5.org/challenge/

You are wondering how you can help? The range of solutions accepted in the challenge is vast. CO2 emissions can be reduced by more efficient electricity production which will, for example, replace coal power plants; or by producing a new material which will replace concrete (concrete production causes 4% of global CO2 emissions); or by cultivating algae which will be more efficient in transforming CO2 into O2.

There are numerous possibilities, here is what you can do:

  1. a) submit your idea/solution
  2. b) share the challenge on your profile
  3. c) share the challenge with someone you know is well acquainted with the issue and is already working in the field
  4. d) spread the word about the challenge in a different way
  5. e) all of the above

It is important that this challenge gets into the right hands and you can make your contribution by investing only a couple minutes of your time.

Now that you have a concrete chance to do something for the future of Earth, are you going to take it?

We are looking forward to your submissions. The only way to submit them is by emailing them to challenge@login5.org until
March 1, 2018. By sending your submissions to this email address, you agree to The Terms of Submission. We are open to all kinds of cooperation and definitely want the authors of the ideas chosen to be part of the implementation process as well – as passion is needed to convert
ideas into solutions.

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February 28, 2018
March 1, 2018

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