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Apr 27

Business Storytelling (Live Webinar)

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This Business Storytelling Webinar will help you transform a confusing message into a persuasive story that inspires action.


Communicating your business is hard.


If you are a business, freelancer, or coach, and every time you explain your business you feel like…

  • You are leaving people confused about how you can help them?
  • You struggle to get people interested in your product?
  • People don’t really get the value of the opportunity in front of them?
  • Your business is just complex and there is no way to explain it in a simple way?
  • You get stuck in small details that bore people?

If yes, then this workshop is for you!


In a world full of noise, where people buy the things they want, stories are the key to capturing people’s attention and getting them to want your product.


Whether you sell B2C or B2B, this training will teach you:

  • Why not everything is a story and how to put stories together.
  • How to use storytelling to superpower your sells
  • The most common mistake business make when telling their story and how to avoid it.

Sounds good?

Great because it’s FREE!


So register now because tickets are limited


About The Trainer:

Juan Guerra is the creator of the Inspiring Speaking Framework, a system designed to help businesses define, develop, and deploy a persuasive business story that inspires action without sounding “salesy”


By combining purpose, empathy, and storytelling you will eliminate confusion in your message so that you can attract customers, connect with more people, and grow your business.





PS: Know an entrepreneur, freelancer, or coach who may benefit from this workshop? Then help them out by sharing it with them.


This workshop is in English

The When

April 27, 2022
3:00 pm - 5:30 pm

The Where

It’s a Webinar, so online :)

The Who

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