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Jan 13

A Cloud Native Story: Part 3 – CI/CD & GitOps


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IBM Developer and ConSol present a Cloud Native Story Part 3 – Cloud native CI/CD & GitOps – The Mario & Luigi of application deployment

With today’s shift towards a cloud native setup and creating a DevOps Culture, it’s important to have a fast and reliable deployment chain.

Cloud native CI/CD engines can help us reach our goal to deliver value quickly to the customer, while still maintaining high quality releases, by leveraging the advantages of cloud computing. We will setup a CI/CD workflow to deploy an application to OpenShift running on IBM Cloud. Tekton Pipelines will be used to build the application and ArgoCD to deploy it to the cluster.

Our goal is to have a fast, reliable and repeatable pipeline and to make sure to always have a synced state between our Git repository and the OpenShift cluster.

– Tekton is a kubernetes-native framework to define CI/CD pipelines
– It’s a fairly new tool, but is already widely used by e.g. Jenkins X and OpenShift.
– ArgoCD is a GitOps engine that syncs the state that is stored in Git with the target cluster.

Speaker: Sebastian Tiggelkamp, ConSol

Sebastian Tiggelkamp is a DevOps Engineer at ConSol GmbH. As a DevOps enthusiast, he is always looking to optimize the build and deployment workflow. After years of experience with Jenkins, he was eager to gather experience with tools that fit the cloud native approach.

Learn more about ConSol’s Quarkus Service:

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The When

January 13, 2021
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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The Who

Hosted by IBM

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