About the project

AustrianStartups is a non-profit organization whose mission is to make entrepreneurship as common as skiing in Austria. Today, we are launching a new project: portraying Entrepreneurs of Austria.

Have you ever had a dream, a vision, an idea and were unsure or afraid to unfold it? By “sketching” portraits of Austrian Entrepreneurs, we want to inspire pupils, students, enthusiasts, aspiring and established entrepreneurs, and everyone alike, to take a leap of faith. We want them to unleash the most entrepreneurial version of themselves. 

The portraits will provide a glimpse into the minds of Entrepreneurs in Austria, their lives, their unique experiences, successes, painful detours as well as advice to others. Reading them shall evoke passion, inspiration and courage to every one of us in order to pursue similar dreams – hopefully these brief stories will foster an entrepreneurial mentality to more people in Austria. 

Follow us and let’s shape the Austrian Entrepreneurial Community together. If you have any questions or recommendations on who to interview, feel free to express them on our social media or reach us via our website!

Until then, stay healthy. 

The Entrepreneurs of Austria Team

Next week: Ibrahim Imam, Planradar


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