What if there was a way to boost the global economy and create between 288 million to 433 million new jobs worldwide? According to a March 2022 report by Citigroup Inc., parity among men and women entrepreneurs worldwide could do just that.

A study conducted by McKinsey Global Institute further reports that gender parity would lift the economy by nearly a third by 2025. To work toward these goals, education and mentoring programs that empower and connect female talent play a crucial role in changing the current situation and help to enrich countries and communities around the world.

What’s the situation in Austria?

The 2021 Austrian Startup Monitor reports that slightly more than a third of new startups have at least one woman in the founding team. Teamwork is the key to success for newly founded startups, and diverse teams stand the best chance for success due to the array of skills and experiences they possess.

The proportion of female founders is still far behind the one of men (less than 2% of startups are formed by a purely female team). Austrian Startup Monitor also compared the share of female founders with the share of female managing directors. With regards to the composition of the founding team, around 35% of the companies have at least one female founder involved (single founder, female founding team or mixed founding team).

Looking to unlock your exporting potential?

In 2018, UPS, together with UPS Foundation, launched the Women Exporters Program (WEP). The aim of the program is to address inequality in education and market participation between men and women by providing targeted support to women-owned small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) worldwide.

With a series of webinars, WEP encourages women entrepreneurs to trade across borders and helps them expand their business to global markets — from sharing cross-border e-commerce trends, to learning how to create a sustainable packaging strategy for their goods, to understanding customs regulations and complex logistics concepts.

In February 2023, UPS will launch the program in the DACH region and is offering female entrepreneurs and female-led start-ups in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland the opportunity to connect with each other and acquire knowledge and skills to take their products across borders, export around the globe, and increase their market share.

The #SheExports kick-off event with guests from politics, associations and organizations that support women entrepreneurs marks the start of the webinar series and will be broadcast live from the Start-up Hub TechHub.K67 in Düsseldorf.

Participation in the kick-off event, as well for all the webinars (all held in German), takes place via Microsoft Teams and is free of charge. All you have to do is register for the respective webinar via the links below: https://solutions.ups.com/de-women-exporters

Kick-Off-Event „#SheExports“ (Online and live in Düsseldorf) Weds, 08.02.2023 at 18.30 Register


Cross-border shipping Weds, 08.03.2023 at 16.00 Register
Customs duties and international shipping regulations Weds, 05.04.2023 at 16.00 Register
E-commerce solutions for your company Weds, 10.05.2023 at 16.00 Register
Sustainability in logistics Weds, 14.06.2023 at 16.00 Register


UPS is looking forward to your participation and taking another step towards empowering women’s role in the world of small business.







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