Over a year ago AustrianStartups started intensive discussions with members of different stakeholder groups of the Austrian Startups ecosystem. In a world café workshop format participants exchanged their impressions from their professional perspective in informal roundtables. Altogether 79 participants took part in eight roundtables comprised of stakeholder groups called Venture Capital, Legal and Tax Advisors, Event Organizers, Public Associations, Educational Institutions, Corporates, Accelerators and Incubators, and Coworking Spaces.

The figure above shows the number of roundtables (between 2 and 6) in which a respective topic was mentioned in the discussion between participants about the strengths and weaknesses of the Austrian startup ecosystem. The topics were categorized according to the claims in the AustrianStartups Agenda (https://austrianstartups.com/home/austrian-startup-agenda). Future-Oriented Conditions, Entrepreneurial Thinking & Digital Skills, Public Funding, Austria as International Startup Hub, Political Structures, Private Venture Capital as well as the additional category Startups. The total number of occurrences is broken down by the proportion of positive (green), neutral (grey) and negative (red) comments.

The topic mentioned most often (in four roundtables) negatively is the general legal conditions in Austria. On the other hand the extent of public funding was mentioned most often positively (also in four roundtables).

What is next?

Assessing the current status of the ecosystem is important, but AustrianStartups wants to do more. That is why we are organizing the workshops of the second year as future workshops and work on concrete actions targeting the 10 topics mentioned negatively most often.

If you want to take part in one of our workshops, send a mail to info@austrianstartups.com


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