WOW – I cannot believe that my internship is already over here at AustrianStartups!

Four weeks ago, I wouldn’t have believed that I would find the right entrance to the office and not get lost but rather confidently walk through the busy corridors of the TSH.

Learning I – editing a video is not witchcraft 

Right at the beginning of my internship, the weekly team jour fixe took place. During the first minutes, it was already clear to me that the atmosphere here is welcoming, relaxed and amicable. After the team lunch, my first task awaited me: editing a video in which the trainers of the Youth Entrepreneurship Week presented the program. Through working on this video, I not only learned many background information about this great opportunity for students to learn about entrepreneurship and meanwhile also work on their own ideas but also all the technical approaches and tricks like adjusting the tone in the right place etc.



Learning II – an inspiring environment gives you the courage to step out of your comfort zone

Midway through my internship, I attended the AustrianStartups Stammtisch and I was really amazed by the professional pitches as the one of the Startup “Matr” or “notarity” and the variety of approaches to make a difference, such as reuse mattresses to produce less waste. Conversations with young founders or participants in general, have inspired me and given me the courage as well as the motivation to take things into my own hands. My key learning this week was that you should use your time and that every path is a process, but that it is exactly this path that gives you the opportunity to change something. Looking back, I would say that my first Stammtisch was definitely one of the main highlights and I am sure I will remember it.



After the Stammtisch, with all the collected enthusiasm my next learning was just in front of me: taking over the Austrian Startups Instagram Account. If you do not know what I am talking about right now, you should definitely follow us on Instagram to stay up to date. 🙂



When I told my friends about my Instagram takeover the reactions were very surprised. You may ask yourself why. Even though I am part of Gen Z, grew up with the Internet and am very familiar with social media, I have so far never been a big “poster” on my private page. Yet, this is what I think describes my internship best: growing, stepping out of the comfort zone and trying new things – all in a very supportive environment. 

Learning III – having a bundle full of experiences and great impressions

After spending this August at AustrianStartups I can say that I learned so many new things – on the one hand about the entrepreneurship scene and the ecosystem itself. I was thrilled to meet all the passionate people who work on their ideas with full drive every day and don’t let small setbacks get them down. The enthusiasm is definitely something I will take with me. On the other hand I learned a lot of background information about AustrianStartups and the different programs and offers. I also really enjoyed working along with the team members and in this way getting insights in the different areas. I am especially grateful for the welcoming atmosphere and the support I have received from the entire team during my time here.

Looking back, I can say with conviction that I spent this August in a great organization that is actively working on the future of tomorrow through its different programs and through its passion for entrepreneurship! 


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