Our People

Talent wins games but teamwork wins championships. These are the hands making AustrianStartups a reality.

Markus Raunig

Markus Raunig

Chairman of the Board

Hannah Wundsam

Hannah Wundsam

Managing Director

Alina Sammer

Alina Sammer

Operations Manager

Clara Mrkos

Clara Mrkos

Head of Education

About AustrianStartups

Our Why

The people behind AustrianStartups believe that entrepreneurial thinking and acting are key for positive change. The more people feel empowered to develop solutions to problems rather than complaining about them, the better off our society will be. In EU rankings, Austria has yet to reach competitive levels when it comes to entrepreneurial education and framework conditions. Our goal is to change this dramatically.

What We Do


Through our communication channels & public appearances we strive to motivate people to develop their own solutions to problems and provide them with valuable information on how to get off the ground.


Through our offline events & online resources, we connect founders, supporters, entrepreneurial minds and policy makers - and enable exchange between them.


As an independent think tank, we study entrepreneurship and build expertise around it, providing policy makers with comprehensive insights that have the power to trigger change.

Our History

2013 - 2014

The Beginning

First conceived as a simple Facebook group back in 2007, the new movement is born, with a vision of becoming the first one-stop shop for startup founders and aspiring individuals interested in taking a similar path.

2014 - 2018

The Growth

Our growth took the shape of a hockey stick, with AustrianStartups registering as an association, gathering many prime sponsors and supporting members, growing its community by the thousands and promoting entrepreneurship further in the region.

2018 - Up Ahead

The Future

Still, we are far from being done and big things lie ahead. With our various initiatives - like Circle17, Entrepreneurial Leadership Program, Youth Entrepreneurship Week - we foster impact-driven entrepreneurship and empower & educate the next generation of founders. We aim to extend our reach beyond the startup bubble, convey a realistic image of what it means to be an entrepreneur and actively shape the environment for founders in Austria.

Walking With Giants

Our partners, sponsors and supporting members are those that allow us to do what we do best.

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